paperclip makeover


Legos and a marble!

I’m so proud of my paperclips that I absolutely HAVE to share them with you! What started off as a pin turned into a bunch of cute office supplies for me!


  • Hot glue (I use a low temp gun)
  • Superglue (I bought mine at Dollar Tree…)
  • Paperclips (Fun colored ones or run of the mill silver ones. I used the boring kind.)
  • Buttons, legos, doo dads, jewels, marbles, etc. Basically anything you can glue to the top of a paper clip.


    vintage buttons!


using one of each in my Muchacho BIG IDEA book

Get your glue, grab a paperclip and a doo dad, and get to work! If using a button and hot glue (like I did in my first batch), you might want to use a bit of fabric to cover the backs so the glue doesn’t show. I used super glue on the legos, but I’m sure hot glue works, too, and add a bit of fabric to the backs to cover the glue. I used super glue on my second batch because I wanted to compare it to the durability of the hot glue. Plus, the superglue dries clear! The clip is pretty much welded on.

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