I can’t even believe these exist!

I was casually strolling through HEB (our local grocery store) and took a right into the school/office supply aisle just to peruse. I almost walked away empty handed and then I saw this: WP_20150620_015Yes, it’s a bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans… or so I thought. I thought to myself, “Why in the world would they put bags of jelly beans in the office aisle?”. But, it gets better! These aren’t delicious snacks! They’re pencil grips!

WP_20150620_016Guys, they’re PENCIL GRIPS! WP_20150620_019I’m a child, I know, but this big kid has Jelly Belly pencil grips and you don’t! Plus, they SMELL! They’re scented! Not to mention they’re super comfy and fit over standard pencils and ball point pens. Enjoy!



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