First stop in Rockford


We drove over 1,300 miles from Corpus Christi, Texas to Rockford, Illinois in about two days. So far Texas has the fastest highways. One can drive almost 85 mph on major highways/Tolls in Texas, but when we hit Oklahoma it was 55-60 mph through THE ENTIRE STATE. No joke. Border to border. Their toll road was only 70 mph. Good grief, why would I pay money to drive 70 mph? We hit some major storms from St. Louis, Missouri to almost Rockford, Illinois. A tornado took out a small town (Coal City?) and we were on tornado stand-by for well into the evening. But, that didn’t stop us from picking up a coffee at the Wired Café. Which, by the way was the strangest coffee shop because it closed at FIVE. We got there at 4:50 and had to drive around downtown Rockford and kill time until church started. But seriously, five o’clock.

WP_20150624_001After the evening service at North Love Baptist Church, we headed out for dinner and stumbled upon BEEFAROO, which I kept calling Moo-and-chew that got us lost twice because it wouldn’t populate on our GPS. Obviously.

Beefaroo was sort of like a Chipotle that serves sandwiches instead of burritos. We start our training for Reformers Unanimous tomorrow at 12:30 which means we can sleep in, eat a late breakfast, and maybe hit up Half Price Books OUTLET before class starts. WP_20150624_004

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