Pink A&W Sizzle Stix


Recently I was gifted a pink A&W Sizzle Stix from my father who has an impressive collection of fountain pens himself. According to the interwebs the A&W pens were a run of the mill, less expensive fountain pen circa the 1980’s-90’s. Probably below $5. This one has a fine nib and I filled it using a cartridge of black (Obsidian) ink. I’m really enjoying the way it writes. It glides across the paper nicely and makes scratchy sounds, which I love.  My favorite feature is that it’s pink, but more importantly it has a small pink nib. It’s a bit on the skinny side as far as my pen girth preference goes, but it’s fun to write with.

  • Twist cap with a A&W’s fat, funky logo still intact on the cap of the pen.
  • Rubber grip feels great on my fingers.
  • Fine point nib that rarely catches while writing. I’m writing on Fabriano journal paper.

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