Fantastic Dollar Store Finds!

WP_20150630_004If you’re like me, you like fantastic dollar store finds, too! I’m an office supply fiend. Meaning, I don’t hold my nose up at “cheap” products. If it’s cute and it’s functional and inexpensive I’ll probably buy it.


I pasted this on the inside flap of my KJV

I’ve been wanting gel highlighters for a while now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to highlight notes and especially LOVE to highlight my Bible while I’m studying. I have recently started color coding since starting the Reformers Unanimous ministry at our church. (See pic with giant feather.) Mardel (our local Christian bookstore) has gel highlighters, but they cost too much to justify spending the money. A pack of four costs about $12.99 or somewhere in that ballpark for the pack with your basic highlighter colors. Today I went to buy sugar for my husband at the Dollar Tree and lo and behold: GEL HIGHLIGHTERS in the office supply aisle. I bought four packs of two which gave me all the colors they had available and even giving me some duplicates.

WP_20150630_003The beauty of gel highlighters is that:

  • they don’t bleed
  • they’re extremely rich in color
  • they glide smoothly on onionskin paper

Now that I’ve been using the color coding study method including Zebrite highlighters, Crayola Twistables, and these new gel highlighters it’s fairly easy to explain the gospel to someone without having to stumble through it. I’m currently studying The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans. The pages look like this: WP_20150630_002 I used green arrow tabs to mark the plan of salvation.

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