Update: Scripture Journaling on Anger

I’m currently reading a book written by Dr. George T. Crabb on Anger for Reformers Unanimous. Our church is launching the ministry Fall 2015 and after learning in training that I, too, will be going through the RU program, I had to search myself and be honest about strongholds in my life. The main one being anger. While I don’t have an addiction in the “traditional” sense, i.e. drugs or alcohol, I am a sinner and I do practice sin. Anger is my stronghold. I am addicted to anger and it controls me the majority of the time. So, I have begun scripture journaling through this study and it has really opened my eyes (and my heart!) to what anger is, how it can be biblical, and how it affects my family and friends.




I spend about an hour per day, outside of other Bible reading (devotionals, daily Proverbs reading, ladies book club reading for my church, etc.) devoted to scripture journaling. It has really developed my walk with the Lord. I hope it can be a blessing to you, too.

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