Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen (Japan)

WP_20150704_002This beauty arrived in the mail this morning– 7:49am to be exact. And on a federal holiday! Whoo! I’m digging the “fun” of the pen. It’s cute and bubbly and the nib has a winky face on the tip.

WP_20150704_004Japanese instructions– as in, ZERO English. Hooray for pictures because the cartridge is a bit wonky. I didn’t use the one it came with- I used the cartridges to the left of the pen box(see below). Purple ink that’s really pretty. It’s a light, flirty purple. I installed the cartridge wrong, so there’s ink at the bottom of the pen. If you check out the pics on the instructions instead of being a know it all like I am you can avoid that.



It’s a great pen. I wrote on Fabriano paper as well as Rhodia and Campus papers and the pen glides smoothly over all three. Even cheap dollar store paper didn’t seem to phase it, except for some scratchy sounds. I kind of like the scratchy sounds.

WP_20150704_005 It’s a SUPER fine point. I thought my Parker was pretty thin, but I think this one is a little finer. The evenness of the ink is nice. I didn’t have to shake the life out of the pen to get the ink to go down to the nib. It pretty much was smooth writing from the time I installed the cartridge. The only con is the lack of heaviness. But, that’s a personal preference. I really like to write with a weighted pen.



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