Jinhao 599 Metal Fountain Pen — PINK — Medium Nib <3


I ordered this beauty on JetPens. They’re currently my favorite pen/paper/stationary store on the interwebs. Amazon can’t even beat their prices. Free shipping if you spend over $25, but it’s a measly $5 if you don’t. This pen is as pretty in real life as it is in the picture! See!! Oh, man, I really enjoy writing with Jinhao pens. I was given a vintage Jinhao and absolutely loved the weight of it in my hand. It is a cigar style pen while this one is a bit thinner, but every bit as heavy. It’s labeled as having a medium nib, but it’s a bit on the finer side. I loaded this one up with Parker blue ink in Sapphire.

WP_20150706_031I’ve been using it on different varieties of paper since getting it this afternoon, and it writes well– even on cheapy dollar store paper. It’s got great ink distribution that’s very even. Another thing I love about Jinhao pens is that they come with convertors. I don’t like having to order the convertor separate, ahem, Pilot, ahem. The beveled edges make it easy to grip. The oversized metal clip on the cap ensures it won’t get lost in the bottom of my purse.


It really is this pretty IRL!


I think I have a new favorite!


“Medium” nib on the finer side.

That nib, tho!


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