Chibi Mini Nib


I bought this pen because it was $2.95 on this here website, because it was see through, because it was yellow, and because it had “chibi” in the title. However, it’s a fun little pen to scrib with. It does not come with a convertor, but it did come with a cartridge of ink that is decent in size and does well on cheap paper. They do sell a convertor for it.  The nib is mini, as advertised. I have a hard time writing with it sans cap, so I think it’s best to secure it to the butt of the pen unless you have teeny tiny hands. I don’t. Obviously.

63973 (2)63975

WP_20150706_029See, here I am holding it and you can see how small it is. It’s a fun pen. I like the reactions I get when I write with it– totally worth the not quite three bucks it cost me. WP_20150706_030

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