Scripture Caddy

Also known as a “prayer caddy”, I’m calling this one a “scripture caddy” because I am using it for much more than prayers. Since our house is filled to the brim with books, my husband suggested I find somewhere else to house my prayer cards, bibles, mother’s topical bible, and journal. What better than an awesome pink caddy I found at Target for two bucks last year on clearance.

WP_20150709_004I cart it around with me pretty much everywhere I go in the morning. With getting breakfast ready and my kids dressed and making sure my husband has everything he needs to start his day, the caddy is a handy (and efficient) way to make sure I get my time in with the Lord.

Here you can see my pencils, pens, and highlighters. I use a small blue KJV lay flat Bible. The red and clear plastic box is filled with categorized prayer cards: Family, Clergy/Church, Church Family, Missionaries, Govt/Authority. Every prayer seems to fit neatly into these categories. I also have a vintage Mother’s Topical Bible – KJV version that is a helpful source of encouragement.


WP_20150709_007I keep my special pens, pencils, highlighters, and Crayola Twistables in a pencil bag for when I am highlighting my Bible. Next to my Bible is a set of notecards on a ring that have scripture printed on them that I am meditating on or trying to memorize. I picked up the notecard book at the dollar store and it’s got a cute plastic front and back cover that closes with an elastic band that’s attached to the back. Perfect for throwing it in my purse!


There you have it: my secret weapon to battling the laundry list of excuses of why I can’t read and study my Bible on a daily and consistent basis.


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