Vintage Sheaffer NO NONSENSE Fountain Pen

WP_20150724_024I’ve been scribbing lately with a vintage Sheaffer fountain pen. It’s from the 1980’s-90’s with a green plastic body, screw top, medium steel nib and a Pilot cartridge (purple ink).  It’s light weight yet wide and my pen preference is girth and this pen has girth! It’s also not a pain to put the cap on the end when I write. Because I’m not using the right cartridge for the pen, the ink is coming out faster than it should, so the nib writes a bit broader than normal. I just really like the pen, so instead of waiting until I can buy another Sheaffer convertor, I’m enjoying the pen now.


Here’s one for sale on eBay. Not by me, but it’s in nicer condition that mine. Mine is rusted around the ring a bit– which is one of the reasons why I like it so much!

Happy scribbing!


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