WP_20150810_006It’s my birthday month and my husband gave me free-reign over my birthday present requests. We do things a bit different for birthdays and holidays and that’s letting the other person buy his or her own gift. It’s less stressful and we both get something that we have been wanting and now have the opportunity to get! I picked out a Kaweco sport fountain pen in mint green (but that’s another post by itself!!) and this sweet selection of pens and highlighters (pictured above). is an awesome sight for Japanese stationary and pens, fountain pens, and accessories. And, nine times out of ten it beats Amazon in price! You only have to spend $25 to get free shipping and I have gotten all of my orders within three business days of ordering.

Here’s my haul:

WP_20150810_020WP_20150810_018Pilot Frixion marker in Orange. It’s a fine tip marker pen that erases with heat that is generated from the eraser with friction! Thermo ink!! Too cool, if you ask me. I also have the Pilot Frixion clicker pens that do the same thing only they write in gel ink and you can buy them at WalMart.

WP_20150810_017WP_20150810_016WP_20150810_015Zebra Kirarich glitter highlighters. Water based markers that highlight in GLITTER INK.

WP_20150810_012WP_20150810_011WP_20150810_009Pilot Preppy fountain pens in pink and purple ink. These were too cute to pass up! Plus, they easily fit in a pocket or a small purse!

WP_20150810_014WP_20150810_013Pilot Plumix fountain pen with an italic nib. It resembles a glass dipping pen from way back. I got this to perfect my hand lettering.

WP_20150810_007 1Essenti stick dry highlighter in BOLD colors. These highlighters are perfect for going over fountain pen ink. It doesn’t bleed into the ink and they don’t smudge– also perfect for Bible highlighting!

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