Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pen in MINT GREEN

WP_20150810_022For my birthday my husband gave the okay to get myself the Kaweco Skyline Sport fountain pen in mint. Oh, this pen is GORGEOUS! It’s classic and vintage looking and when I write with it I feel as if I can sign over large sums of money on fancy gold leafed cheques. **sigh** I’ve been wanting this beauty for a while and as I waited I saw it go in and out of stock on several different sites. I decided to buy it at JetPens because it’s a smaller business and the price was a bit better than Amazon’s. Plus, I got free shipping and it came in about three business days. It’s actually the highest price I’ve paid for a pen (about $27) to date, although I have pens that are valued higher that were gifted to me.

I chose the fine nib because, well, at the time that’s all that was available. I am beginning to enjoy fine nibs and, well, I really just wanted this pen. I do regret not buying the convertor, though, because I have some beautiful ink I want to try with this pen. It’s inexpensive– about three bucks– and I’ll probably add it on to an order in the future.

I wrote exclusively with this pen on Sunday during both church services and during Bible study and I didn’t have to shake, flick, or jiggle once. As soon as I snapped in the cartridge the ink flowed smoothly. I was impressed at how even it wrote given how small a pen it is and how fine the nib. Plus, it was small enough to fit in my jacket pocket.


Sorry for the blurry pics, my phone is sort of meh. Here’s one from the Kaweco company site:


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