Shopping with my pops in Austin…

I’m celebrating my 33rd birthday this month and also mourning the loss of our baby (my due date was 8/9/2015 and I miscarried at 21 weeks back in March…) and my husband thought it would be a good idea for me to pack up the kids and head up to my dad’s house for a week to get away. My dad’s house is quite possibly my favorite place on earth because it’s filled with books, pens, music and high speed internet. An added bonus is that it’s only 30 minutes from downtown Austin via toll.

We hit up a shop called “The Paper Place” located on South Lamar. My dad didn’t want to go at first because he said it didn’t have a lot of selection, but if you’re looking for paper it was the place to go. The night before we went I looked up their store on the interwebs and it seemed to sell A LOT more than “just paper”. So, we went. And we were both glad we did!

My dad picked up a few Shinola journals (he usually has to buy them online direct from Shinola). I scored some pens I’ve been wanting to try along with some seriously legit paper. And my dad bought me a another Pilot Japan fountain pen.

WP_20150815_001Stabilo pointVisco fine point (0.5) in AWESOME purple!

WP_20150815_002 WP_20150815_005Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pens in teal and pink. I love Love LOVE Pilot Varsity fountain pens! For an inexpensive pen they are so much fun to write with!

WP_20150815_004Pentel Slicci (0.8) fine point glitter sparkle pen in Metallic Pink.

WP_20150815_006A few pencils: two Palomino Blackwing pencils, one gray, one black and a run of the mill Field Notes pencil. I’ve been wanting to give the Palomino pencils a go for a while now!

And the best thing I bought, which ate up most of my budget, a paper I’ve been wanting to try:

WP_20150815_007Japanese Life Co. writing paper.



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