Vintage Pens– Tombow and Pentel!

I was recently gifted a handful of awesome (non-fountain) pens! A few are Pentel and a few are Tombow and one is a vintage Parker Vector rollerball.

WP_20150815_018Vintage Pentel fine point pens

WP_20150815_016Vintage Pentel without caps. (My camera is garbage, I apologize for the blurs.)

WP_20150815_019Vintage Tombow pens

WP_20150815_020Vintage Tombow without caps!

WP_20150815_021Vintage Parker Vector pen (rollerball!)

WP_20150815_022Vintage Parker Vector without cap!

If anyone knows anything about the Pentel or Tombow pens leave a comment– they are really hard to look up online. I don’t know the model or the year they were made. Any help would be great!


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