Dollar Store Digs!


Headed over to our local dollar store (Dollar Tree) to pick up an agenda for my husband and of course I found some awesome finds! Here’s what I picked up:

WP_20150817_002Three micro terrariums! Perfect for the kiddos to watch seeds grow into plants!

WP_20150817_003Super awesome poster markers in BRIGHT colors for all things crafty!

WP_20150817_004Tape with fun patterns on them. I bought this tape before with different patterns and it’s great for planners, decorating, and of course, crafting!

WP_20150817_005WP_20150817_006Double sided pencil case– this has got to be one of the best pencil cases I have ever used! I own two more in different colors and they are perfect for organizing small office supplies that usually get dismissed to the bottom of my purse.

WP_20150817_007 3D rainbow glitter stickers for bullets in my planner.

WP_20150817_008 Four pack of clocks for our homeschool and an inflatable globe.

WP_20150817_009Lip gloss for me– Lip Smacker brand was a score (it’s one of my favorites!!).

I absolutely love finding things at the dollar store. With a family of five and one income, it gets a little thin around here and the dollar store really comes in handy!

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