Sunday Funday

Yesterday was Sunday and after the morning church service we dropped off our kiddos with my MIL and my husband took me around town to do absolutely nothing! We had no plans, but managed to find some things to do.

First stop was Half Price Books! I bought some dollar books and we got a coffee at the shop next door. Next he took me to this hole in the wall Asian market that was not open but still let us shop since we wandered in and they hadn’t locked the doors and their sign was on.

WP_20150816_001 HONG KONG Asian Market is going to be AWESOME when they open! It’s huge and looks just like an actual grocery store, not like the other Asian markets in town that resemble gas stations without pumps.

WP_20150816_002I picked up a few of these. DELICIOUS!

Then he took me to get raspas (snow cones) and we added cream to ours which made it the best tasting frozen treat I have ever tasted!

WP_20150816_004He got mango and I picked raspberry. YUM! I’ve lived in Corpus Christi, Texas for almost 8 years now and have never had a raspa!!


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