Dollar Tree Haul for End of August

WP_20150820_006 1

I hit up the Dollar Tree for the last of August. I went for household items and left with a lot more! But of course, because it’s the Dollar Tree. I went to one in the next town over because I was specifically looking for Glade products and the sink scents. The four in our city didn’t have them and I tried my luck in the Bluff and scored everything on my list!

WP_20150820_015 1Lady items: baby oil gel is an AMAZING shave gel and it leaves legs extra smooth!

WP_20150820_014 1Smells for my house. I use the Glades in my bathrooms and the beady thing for our den. Very subtle smells, which I love!

WP_20150820_013 1Sink smells!! We don’t own a dishwasher and our sink gets used A LOT. These are perfect for keeping kitchen smells at bay.

WP_20150820_012 1Lisa Frank stickers!! Perfect for crafts and fun with the kiddos!

WP_20150820_011 1Funky beady glittery lip gloss that is clear and smells/tastes good. I don’t like lipstick and breeze through clear gloss quite fast. It’s windy here in Corpus Christi, so gloss is a must for preventing chapped lips!

WP_20150820_010 1 Magnetic spinner! I’m using this as a reward system with my kids.

WP_20150820_008 1Neon erasers, because they’re bright and funky and I make A TON of mistakes!

WP_20150820_007 1Quite possibly the best gel pen next to Gelly Rolls brand. Seriously. I have bought four packs of these because they are fantastic for dollar pens! The ink is smooth, bright and they don’t skip!

Well, that’s my last haul for the month. I’ll probably do a Target haul next month because all the school supplies go on clearance in September and that’s when I like to buy. See you next month!


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