Office Supply Haul!

I had to buy some office supplies for our homeschool year and for life. I hit the jackpot with sales today. Thought I would share for those of you that dig office stuffs as much as I do!

WP_20150820_040Dollar Tree Gel Roller pens in neon and metallic/glitter/sparkle. For only a buck these are the next best thing to Gelly Roll brand. Seriously. They are smooth, bright and they don’t skip.

WP_20150820_041Erasers! Neon dollar store erasers in green, orange, and pink next to Pentel clicks erasers. I love erasers and I use them because I make a ton of mistakes.

WP_20150820_042White out because, once again, I make a ton of mistakes. I prefer the tape to the liquid and Bic brand handles pens going back over it without breaking or coming up or sticking to the tip of the pen.

WP_20150820_047Schneider Xpress 0.8mm pen for documents. I can’t get enough of fine point pens! I have a lot to keep track of as far as planning and a fine point pen goes a long way when jotting down a plethora of information and reminders!

WP_20150820_046A collection of pens!

WP_20150820_048Sharpie pens

WP_20150820_049Gelly Roll pens!

WP_20150820_050Studio G fineliner pen in green and pink

WP_20150820_051Recollections fine writing pen in extra fine

WP_20150820_043Stabilo fineliner pens and Staedtler fineliner pens. Got these puppies on sale at Michael’s with a coupon and an in store discount! But, you can buy them at Amazon for the same price! Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens 10 color Pack (334SB10) and Stabilo 88 30-Color Wallet Set

WP_20150820_045Mini stamps and a mini stamp pad- for a buck!

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