My New Favorite: Gold Fibre Paper


I just wanted to share some paper that I’ve been using that is affordable and a lot of fun to use: Gold Fibre paper! My local grocery store sells these in their office supply section and sells them at $3.47 for the 8 1/2 x 11 3/4 and $2.99 for the 5 x 8. It’s not as expensive as Cambridge papers and just a bit more expensive than other tablets. It’s not ideal for fountain pens, although depending on your ink and nib point you may be able to scrib easily, it’s a real joy for gel inks and pencils!

WP_20150821_016 Front side is lined

WP_20150821_017Back side is graph.


Here are some shots of thoughts on different writing tools I used:

WP_20150821_019Written with a Vintage Parker 75 Cisele fountain pen using black ink and a fine nib. The paper IS a bit gritty and the ink feathers just a bit, but you really have to put your nose to the paper to see it. I’m picky about the way my ink spreads on paper, though. On a positive note there isn’t any bleeding.

WP_20150821_020Written with a Sharpie pen and ❤ ❤ <3!! It glides smoothly over the paper and there is absolutely no feathering and no bleeding! I think the Sharpie pen is one of my new favorite fine point pens! Especially on this paper!

WP_20150821_021I decided to try a pencil and picked up my Paper Mate Mirado Black Warrior. No smudging and it glides like glass over this paper despite the slight grittiness. I had a hard time with my penmanship because of how smoothly the pencil glided over this paper.

Over all, Gold Fibre paper is an ideal daily paper for common use. Note taking, letters, assignments, whatever your task, I think Gold Fibre paper is a joy to work with!


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