Zebra Z Grip Pens!


My local HEB (our grocery store) has been running some pretty sweet deals on Zebra brand pens. I don’t know about you, but office and school supply sales are two of my favorite types of sales! So, I picked up some Z Grip pens that I’ve been wanting to try.

WP_20150821_006Z Grip MAX BOLD

WP_20150821_008I tried the Z Grip MAX Bold pens Zebra Z-Grip MAX Retractable Gel Pen, Medium Point 0.70 mm, Black Barrel, Black Ink 12-Count (42210)on Gold Fibre paper. It’s a gritty paper and a bit on the thicker side as opposed to your everyday notebook paper. While they write smoothly, they do smear, so, lefties beware! I love the thickness of the pens, though, which in my mind is their redeeming quality. I enjoy writing with thick bodied pens and the grips on these pens are not only thick, but they go up half the pen– perfect for unconventional pen gripping!

WP_20150821_011Zebra Z Grip FLIGHT.Zebra Pen Z-Grip Flight Stick Super Smooth Advanced Ink 1.2mm Black Dozen (21810)
I picked up a two pack of these on sale for only a dollar! They are sleek and they write the same way. I love the smoothness and the look of the pen. It’s not as run of the mill- white and gray on the body helps me find it in the depths of my purse. (I don’t usually put everyday pens in my pen case… although I should for convenience.) They DO NOT smear! I ran my finger over the ink right after writing on the Gold Fibre paper and absolutely NO smear! Perfect!

Overall, I really enjoy the Zebra line. I own a Zebra fountain pen, too, that isn’t bad for the money. Zebras are grippy, smooth, and for the price are practical for everyday scribbing.


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