Do It Yourself Custom Planner!

Hey, there, ya’ll! I’m going to share my planner (smash book style!) and the supplies I use to get it to look crazy awesome!


WP_20150821_031I use a “mintgreen” brand planner. It’s large, lays flat and is made of natural materials and soy based ink. I am in LOVE with this planner! You can buy one at Amazon:July 2015 – June 2016 Lines Cover Weekly/monthly Planner 6×8 – 60% Recycled / Soy Based Ink (Blue).


WP_20150821_033I customized mine with some stencils I own and acrylic paint. I’m keeping it real with my low rider and last name.


WP_20150821_032See how awesome the lay flat style is?? I’m only a month into the planner and it lays perfectly flat and I don’t have to worry about the pages flipping over while I’m using it!


WP_20150821_034I created a fold out/fold in schedule. I only need one and it can unfold so that I can use it for the entirety of the planner! Every block is an hour– perfect for keeping me on track! And it saves space so I can add more tasks that maybe aren’t so repetitive.


WP_20150821_035This is what my life looks like. Seriously. This is what it’s like in my head!


WP_20150821_036Here’s a look at September. It’s still relatively uncluttered… give it a week or two…


WP_20150821_041And here’s August…



Some tools I use for smashing and planning:

WP_20150821_038Lots of stickers! Lots of stamp markers! Like these:RoseArt Stamp n Color Washable Markers, 15-Count, Assorted Colors, Packaging May Vary (CYB99) and these:Marrywindix Tech 6 Sheets Decorative Scrapbooking Craft Sticker Diary Album Sticker Adhesive which are the ones I own!


WP_20150821_042Here’s my stamp markers used as bullet points.


WP_20150821_043My kawaii kutie patootie cat planner stickers! I ❤ all things kawii!


I love the way my planner screams “me”! I use mine as a journal, planner, smash book, and doodle book. I don’t leave home without it and so far it’s held up really well. It’s my first time using the MintGreen brand, so far it’s been a joy!


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