Hand Lettering: Drawing Letters and Words

a watch me fail moment

7b1d2d2f58e06807221ef1c03011a887I’m going to attempt to write in this “Baby Lexi” font by hand. I’m trying to learn how to do simple typography and basic hand lettering. It’s late and while perusing Pinterest I stumbled upon this font. Looks easy enough, don’t you think?

WP_20150822_001My tools: basic cheapy graph paper and a Schneider Xpress fine point pen:

Schneider Xpress Fineliner .8mm, Green (190004)

WP_20150822_002Okay, here goes, my attempt at writing in Baby Lexi… a font I found on Pinterest.

WP_20150822_003So far so good! That Schneider pen is great for controlling my wrist and hand movements!

WP_20150822_004Oh, snap! I did all 26 letters of the alphabet! Guess I better try writing a sentence…

WP_20150822_005BOOM! I messed up on the “k”. I started going fast and wrote it how I usually write one instead of referencing the font. Over all, it’s not too bad! I’m going to use this one for cards and name tags! ❤

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