Noah Webster 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language

**disclaimer: this is an opinion piece. It reflects my personal opinion and I will not debate on my blog religious perspectives, beliefs, denominations, doctrines, etc. I will not approve comments that are vulgar, derogatory or profane. It’s perfectly acceptable to disagree, but please do so with respect and humility. Thank you.


I recently received an 1828 Noah Webster facsimile edition dictionary for my birthday. I am in love with this book! I wanted it because I read the Authorized Version of the Bible (KJV) exclusively and this dictionary coincides with the vernacular used in the KJV. I also believe it is the essential education tool for Christians. You can find an AWESOME pdf on why every Christian home should have a Noah Webster 1828 dictionary here:  1828_dictionary. Historically, it documents the degree to which the Bible was America’s basic textbook in all fields. Noah Webster considered “education useless without the Bible” and I believe that this book is one of the most important reprints of the 20th century. I believe the language used in this book and it’s lexicography is the most pure. Lexicography has been demoralized by those who would make “cotemporary usage” and “slang” a standard reference for students in our schools, as mentioned in the introduction of this book.



It really is a beautiful book. Each definition has a biblical reference and the language is poetic. WP_20150825_010

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