Zebra ZGrip Pens: Advanced Low Viscosity Ink (Neon!)


I’ve been sitting on these for a while. Like, months. I think I picked them up because I had a coupon and needed some pens for something, or maybe my husband needed extra pens. Don’t ask me why they never got used.  Anyhoo, I decided to open them up and do some casual scribbing.

WP_20150828_022 I used Rhodia paper to test the ink. The only one that smeared immediately after writing was the red pen. The other four dried super fast.

WP_20150828_023They came in five “neon” colors. I put “neon” in quotations because, well, I don’t think neon is the word I would use to describe the color of ink that came out of these pens. Colored? Yes. Neon? Not quite. Not at all in fact.

Zebra brand products, in my opinion, are a great quality for a great price. Plus, they do have some fun funky finds, which is what I look for when shopping for office and school supplies. The pens worked nicely with my paper and the ZGrip is ULTRA comfy. I would definitely use these pens for long periods of note taking.

WP_20150828_017Pack o Five!

WP_20150828_020See here? You can really see the color of the pen’s body in contrast to the Rhodia notebook. ❤ I absolutely love Rhodia paper. It’s nice and it’s relatively inexpensive.


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