School 2015 and Asian Market Finds!


I have been watching KDramas (Korean dramas…) for a little over a month now and I am hooked. They are so, SO good! I really enjoy Asian culture and Korean life is very interesting to me- especially since my husband’s best friend since childhood is Korean and he even married a Korean celebrity! (Seriously, but I’m not saying who. I will say they had a TON of paparazzi at their wedding, tho.) After finishing Heirs, I moved on to School 2015 (Who are you) and once again am captivated and hanging on for dear life through this wild ride of back stabbing, angst, morals, and amnesia!! Whew, right??!!

I hit up a brand new Asian market in my town called Hong Kong Asian Supermarket. And it really is SUPER! The other two markets in town are convenience store sized, but this one is a full blown Asian grocery store complete with checkout lanes, carts, aisles, a deli/meat counter, fresh foods, and a frozen section. It took me about an hour to look at everything and make my selections. Plus, their stock is a lot cheaper than imported international items our local grocery store sells. Pretty neat, huh??

I also stopped in a place called Miso Market. This place has been around a while, but I never had the interest to go in until just recently. They had an okay selection of products, much of the same items as Hong Kong Asian Supermarket and Asian Market (another Asian store) has, except they also sell home and bathroom goodies! KAWAII!!

Here’s what I picked up at both places:

WP_20150829_001Delicious Aloe Vera melon flavored water!!

WP_20150829_004Muh bags…

WP_20150829_005My finds!!!

WP_20150829_006My kiddie finds– there are fruit jellies in that bear!

WP_20150829_009I’m going to use the Hutos silverware case as a pencil case! And I got those super tiny, super cute clips and a pair of awesome Korean socks!

WP_20150829_008My FAVORITE Korean noodles!

WP_20150829_007More noodles!

WP_20150829_010Kiddie candies!

WP_20150829_012Korean choco lotte cookies ❤

WP_20150829_013THE best melon flavored milk drink. DELICIOUS!

WP_20150829_014And of course, a Hello Kitty travel cup!

2 thoughts on “School 2015 and Asian Market Finds!

  1. Kay says:

    Welcome to the world of kdramas! They truly are addicting 🙂 I’m jealous of all your goodies. We don’t have any Asian markets where I live. I have found a few neat things online though. Nice finds!

    Liked by 1 person

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