Sunday Get It All Done Day

WP_20150830_001We are in full swing. Our school year is getting busier, fuller, and more hectic. One reason for that is because we (my husband, my church, and myself) are launching a new ministry: Reformers Unanimous. It’s a faith based addictions (and strongholds) program that I guarantee you will change your life and your walk with Christ. Plus, it’s FREE. You can find a RU chapter here just by clicking on this string of words! So on top of lesson plans for my almost 5 and my 6 year old, I’m working with my husband on RU lesson plans and Sunday School Bible studies as well as tying up a bunch of loose ends before this gets up and running. Not to mention my 6 year old and my 2 year old are down for the count with the funk. Both are sick sick sick and while one is getting better, the other just caught the bug and, well, it’s going to be a long week. I’m just hoping everyone is better by Friday. We are taking our annual Labor Day trip to visit my parents. So here I am trying to minimalize this weeks lessons to account for sickness, planning, trips, and life so that I don’t have to mess with any of the other weeks I have planned out, but still trying to fit it all in and not overload my kiddos. Because I hate whiteout and I hate having to get out everyone’s pile of school books and essentially re-do everything up until Christmas break. Uh uh. That isn’t happening.

WP_20150830_002This book is my life right now. It’s a homeschool planner. Yes, a planner that I said I would NEVER buy because I don’t want to plan school because that was one of the reasons for choosing homeschool. And yet, I don’t think I could live my life (or teach my children) without it. And I don’t even use it for personal planning. That’s an entirely DIFFERENT BOOK. Cray.

WP_20150830_003I cannot plan, prepare, organize, or get stuff done without HEB soda. HEB Zero Cola is one of those generic products that out ranks it’s name brand competitor. I’m looking at YOU, Coke!

WP_20150829_016My super comfy Korean socks are what’s needed for this job. It’s got a rock and roll bear with an awesome 80’s bandana thingy that looks like a skinny tie wrapped around his head. That’s EXACTLY what’s needed for this job.


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