Crayola “My Color Is” Sampler Pack


I was at Target today buying household things and stumbled (okay, it was an intentional stumble, but you know, SALES!!) upon  the school supplies section. I was looking for some good deals on the expensive items I passed on at the beginning of August and absolutely nothing was on sale. No mark downs, no incentives, no nuthin’. BUT, I did happen to find this super cute Crayola display and saw samplers. I bought the orange pack, but they had all the primary colors. I would have bought pink, but they didn’t have it. **sad face**



It came with a twistable, dry erase crayon, color stick, color pencil, two pip squeaks, and a window marker. I was hoping for a power lines maker, but will definitely take the twistable stix instead!

WP_20150901_006Pip squeaks!

WP_20150901_007Twistable Slick Stix!

What a fun find! For under five dollars, it’s quite a steal. It would make a cute gift for a small child or just something fun to have around with different coloring options. Enoy!

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