Cambridge 3 Pack Pastel Notebooks + Sharpie Pens



I picked up a few cuties at Target today. One of which I cannot wait to scib in! It’s a 3 pack of Cambridge journals by Mead. Each journal has a chapter and a number on it.

WP_20150901_013 SEE?? Cute, huh? Pink, white, and mint pastel colors that are great travel sized journals. Each has lined paper and it’s gorgeous creamy paper that is begging to be scribbed on with a fine nib pen! Perhaps cactus fruit ink will do the trick in this ultra girly notebook series??


WP_20150901_015Each page has a calendar! Perfect for note taking and on the go scribbing!!

WP_20150901_012Target had Sharpie pens in better colors this time, so I picked up a blue, mint, and deep purple. If you haven’t tried a Sharpie pen, I suggest picking one up. At $1.50 each, it’s a steal! I love the fine tip and it glides effortlessly across most paper, doesn’t bleed, and the colors are really pretty!

I can’t wait to post a review on the journals! Stay tuned!


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