Reformers Unanimous Bible Study


I am currently writing every scripture verse mentioned in the chapters of the “Nevertheless I Live” book for our Reformers Unanimous ministry. I love it and it is really helping me understand scripture in reference to addictions and strongholds and how it can help those with addictions and habitual sin turn from them and become stronger in their walk with Jesus. I am using a Holman Rainbow Study Bible (KJV) and it’s been such a help in concordance with the RU curriculum.

WP_20150902_008Already highlighted!

WP_20150902_009This awesome bookmark that was included in the bible tells you what the colors mean for easy reference.

WP_20150902_010Aside from the bible, this is our main curriculum. It’s so well written and personable. Addictions or not, I suggest every Christian read this book. It’s a wonderful testimony and filled to the brim with scripture helps. I cannot wait to share the love of Christ with others! **squeeeeee**

Our ministry is a week away from opening its doors. It is going to be exciting to witness firsthand the work of Christ in people’s lives!


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