Hello Kitty Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen– From Japan!!

WP_20150909_005I finally got my hands on a Platinum Preppy Hello Kitty fountain pen. I’ve been shopping around for one, but they have all been over $20 and this pen brand doesn’t usually run over a couple of bucks. I finally found one on Amazon for $6 and that included shipping. I did have to wait about three weeks for it to come via JPost, but the wait was worth it!!

WP_20150909_007It even came with four extra cartridges!!


WP_20150909_008It even has a purple nib!

WP_20150909_009Can you see the Hello Kitty charm that connects to the top of the cartridge?? Too stinkin’ cute!

I really like the Platinum Preppy fountain pen line. They are just a bit better than the Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pens, in my opinion. I will definitely break this pen in tonight for note taking during our Wednesday night service!!


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