Tacklebox Tuesday: What’s in the Box?

WP_20150908_009Hey, y’all, I’m back with another Tacklebox Tuesday: What’s in the Box. I have another double sided pencil case and this one is filled with all kinds of goodies! Let’s take a look!

WP_20150908_010The top side is filled to the brim with highlighters, paper sticky notes, pens, and of course, a Disney princess Lip Smacker lip gloss!


WP_20150908_012 These highlighters (Monami essenti stick) are dry highlighters and are perfect for using over wet inks! They are “ink jet safe”, too.

WP_20150908_011Bookmarks, of course!

WP_20150908_014And erasers and pencil grips.

WP_20150908_015Here is the other side. It’s filled with more practical items like paperclips and post it flags.

WP_20150908_016 I made those paperclips using vintage buttons and hot glue.

WP_20150908_017Dollar store gel pens = THE BEST gel pens!

WP_20150908_018Staedtler eraser that doesn’t leave a bunch of eraser bits.



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