Order Came in Today!


A long awaited order came in today. Well, long awaited meaning since Thursday, but since it was supposed to be delivered on Monday and it came today which only made the wait feel like FOREVER, I say “long awaited”. Actually orders come super duper fast. It’s the anticipation that makes the wait feel long.

My husband ordered two Maruman Pocket Croquis sketchbooks (4.2″x5″) and a Uni Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencil- 10B for himself, but told me to add some items so we get free shipping. Orders $25 or more get free shipping– and I was happy to peruse for myself. Actually, there were several things I had been wanting.


WP_20150915_002Being true to my dorkiness, I ordered these Kutswa Stad templates in pink and blue. I’ve been wanting them for my planner and could never justify just buying one, but since my husband “needed” free shipping, why not, right?

WP_20150915_003Epoch Kobaru color changing markers. Secret messages– SECRET MESSAGES!!

WP_20150915_005Uniball Signo Limited Edition Hello Kitty Gel ink pen .38mm in line green. ❤ the Hello Kitty editions of every day pens.

WP_20150915_004Copic atyou Spica glass glitter pen. I got this because it’s glitter, but the fact that the glitter is actually glass made it a hundred times cooler.

❤ Happy scribbing!


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