Kutswa Stad Template in Pink and Blue


I just got these today and shared them via this post. I’ve been wanting these for some time now and I couldn’t wait to try them!!

WP_20150915_021Some of the commenters at JetPens.com were complaining that even the thinnest pen couldn’t trace the stencil cutouts, so I used my trusty Staedtler triplus fineliner in a .3mm to test it out.

WP_20150915_022Perfection! And wouldn’t you know it– perfect tracing! It fit even in the smallest details. I can’t wait to use these in my planner. PLUS, they’re ultra portable! I don’t see them taking up too much space in a pocket somewhere or even in a pencil bag!

WP_20150915_020Here’s the pen I used for tracing. I’ll admit, the image on the packaging shows a hand holding a colored pencil. I don’t think that would work well, if at all, But a fine point marker or pen does the trick just fine.

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