Tacklebox Tuesday: What’s in the Box?

WP_20150915_008Yeah, it’s not a tackle box, but it’s square, and that’s a box like shape. Here is my Wilsons Leather messenger bag that I (took) got from my husband. He wasn’t using it and I needed a durable bag that could house my stuff and look cute and classy.

WP_20150915_009LOTS and LOTS of pockets for storage and must needed organization!

WP_20150915_011Here it is. Not too much. I try not to be loaded down when I leave the house. I take the essentials.

WP_20150915_012I carry two pens at all times. Right now I’m toting a Kaweco Sport fountain pen in mint green and an orange Jinhao demonstrator.

WP_20150915_017Hard candies. Werther’s are my FAVE!

WP_20150915_016My double sided pink pencil box. Filled to the brim with essentials! I blogged about it here.


WP_20150915_015This is my note taking journal for church. I don’t usually keep it in my bag all the time, but I used my bag at church on Sunday and didn’t take it out. I bought this journal at Mardel for three bucks and it has really taken a beating without falling apart at the seams.

WP_20150915_013My HP Stream laptop and my Batman “bat drive” flash drive. I don’t store anything on my laptop, so I use the cloud and this flash drive. I found this awesome computer sticker at the dollar store and now my husband says my computer looks like a homeschool mom’s computer. Whatever. He’s probably jealous of my tricked out laptop.

❤ Enjoy!


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