Vintage Montblanc Kugelschreiber


This guy right here has got to be my favorite daily user as of now. I don’t know what it is about this pen that makes me keep coming back to it, but it’s writes like a dream! It even makes my ugly inks look pretty!

WP_20150914_024It’s classy and it’s not “manly”. It’s definitely not feminine, but it’s not a pen that looks like only a dude would use it.

WP_20150914_021I can’t decide if it’s the nib or the subtle faux wood grain body that makes this pen appeal to me so. It’s just a classy scribbler!



I used Fabriano paper for the sample above and the ‘Schreiber just glides effortlessly across it. ❤ I used this pen Sunday night at church for note taking and it did really well. No skipping, even ink distribution, and a comfortable weight to grip ratio.

Happy scribbing!


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