Pilot Frixion Markers!

WP_20150917_003I posted (here) a while back that while visiting my dad I got these at his house, via mail, via Amazon.com. I haven’t had the time to open them and really get to mess with them the way I want. I have several Pilot Frixion Clicker 07 ballpoint pens that I love Love LOVE and it’s what prompted me to order the markers.

WP_20150917_002They came with an extra “eraser”. I guess if you mess up a lot you’re going to need an extra one, but there isn’t any eraser debris, sooooo I’m not too sure why there’s an extra one except that it’s pretty cool. I did read in a review that the eraser gets worn down if you erase a lot with it.

WP_20150917_005Action shot using the lime green marker. I’m planning my Monday of next week. It’s the only day of the week I use a separate sheet of paper outside of my planner. My Mondays are so busy that I need graph paper (and a full sheet at that!) to keep track of all my stuffs. Monday is full of stuffs.

WP_20150917_006Whoops… got to use the eraser! Sometimes, depending on the paper, it erases completely and sometimes it leaves traces of ghosting. As you can see.

WP_20150917_008Playing around with the different colors. The markers write really smooth. Like buttah!

WP_20150917_007I really enjoy this line from Pilot. They’re fun and I don’t have to worry about goofing up. And they’re FUNctional! They really do write well and even on cheap paper they didn’t bleed or feather.

Happy scribbing! ❤


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