Dollar Store Pencil Review

WP_20150921_003I picked up some mechanical pencils from the dollar store today. I don’t usually buy mechanical pencils because I dislike the lead to the point that I stay away from them all together. However, today I saw these and the body of them looked sleek and girthy, so for a buck, I picked them up. At the very least I could give them away as good student prizes in this week’s Sunday School.

WP_20150921_005To my surprise these pencils wrote dark and smooth! Super smooth! I prefer a dark colored lead and these wrote super dark without a lot of pressure. Plus, it didn’t smear when I rubbed my finger over it. Another plus!

WP_20150921_004Bold, bright colors!

WP_20150921_011Decent size lead. The cone shaped tip is nice! It takes applied pressure effortlessly. Remarkable for a dollar store find!

Refillable, molded grip, and a smear free eraser– very true! It’s a 0.7mm HB2 lead, which is common.

WP_20150921_006Also, I have to give a shout out to our church’s teen program IAMBEREAN. They’re selling pencils for a dollar each and THEY ARE AWESOME PENCILS.

WP_20150921_007The lead is subtle and smooth. It glides nicely over just about any paper surface. It’s quickly becoming my favorite pencil at the moment.



Happy scribbing!



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