Office Supplies for the Apocalypse

I figured that with all the impending doom (September 23rd is tomorrow, y’all!) I should post my choice office supplies for the apocalypse. With these items you can still comfortably scrib from whatever safe house, bunker, or hidey hole you find yourself in!

WP_20150922_001Oxford stone paper. STONE paper. Forget trees, this paper is made from rocks! It’s water resistant, tear resistant and made from STONE, not paper pulp!


WP_20150922_003I tried to rip the paper, but it just sort of stretched a bit. No tearing. I’m guessing that’s going to be a much needed paper trait during end times.

19645TOMBOW Airpress ballpoint pen. This pen can write upside down, underwater, in the rain, and can take a beating! The Tombow AirPress leverages the energy from each push of the cap to inject air pressure into the ink cartridge allowing the pen to write on challenging surfaces. It can write at extreme angles, upside down, on wet paper, and in cold weather.

WP_20150922_004The stone paper is pretty intense when pen is put to it. Honestly, I don’t know what to compare it to. Rubber, maybe? There is a lot of push back when writing, but I’m guessing if you’re mid-apocalypse trying to scrib, that’s the least of your concerns. At least your paper is durable.

WP_20150922_005It’s small, pocket sized, and can easily fit in your bug out bag. It even has a durable metal clip– perfect for stringing with a lanyard. The notebook size is about an A5, so it’s easily stored in a satchel or backpack.

Happy scribbing! ❤


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