Loteria Notebook Trio


While in Austin for Labor Day, I picked up trio of notebooks at The Paper Place. I enjoy this kind of artwork and the notebooks looked well made, too.

WP_20150923_006Here the pack is unpackaged and the red string and binding cover have been removed. The colors are so VIBRANT!

WP_20150923_007Notebook 2: El Sol

WP_20150923_008Notebook 3: La Mano

WP_20150923_011The reverse sides of notebooks 2 and 3 are La Luna and El Corazon. ❤

WP_20150923_009The inside of the notebooks are really nice. The paper is thick, a bit toothy, and the inside cover is a pretty gray and black plaid design. There’s a heavy black line at the top of each page- perfect for titling!

WP_20150923_010Opened to the middle exposing the red binding.

WP_20150923_012Here’s an ink test with several different pens and pencils. The best wet ink performer was my Kaweco Sport. The poorest performer was the Montblanc Kugelschreiber. The Tombow rollerball pen didn’t do too well, either, but it didn’t bleed through. Just some mild ghosting.

WP_20150923_013Here’s the back of the text page. I don’t think this paper is made for wet ink, but the notebooks are too pretty in design for me to really care about that. I can use a ball point, pencil or gel pen when using them.

Happy scribbing!


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