Tacklebox Tuesday: What’s in the Box?

WP_20150922_008Today’s box is a child’s silverware case that I found at Miso Market, a local Asian market. It’s made of durable Tupperware type plastic and has super cute Korean characters on the lid. Let’s take a look inside!

WP_20150922_009So many goodies!

WP_20150922_010Papermate 1.3mm triangular mechanical pencil. I own these in classic yellow, pantones, Disney princess, Frozen, and Avengers. By far these are my favorite mechanical pencil and they’re great for kids! Thick lead, large body, and of course, awesome designs!

WP_20150922_011Pentel Color Pen Fine Point #S360 – 103. I found this at my MIL’s house and have been using it ever since.

WP_20150922_012Dollar store gel roller pen by PROMARX. Honestly, this set (neon) and the glitter set are actually decent gel pens. They’re smooth, they don’t skip, and the color is surprisingly even!

WP_20150922_013It’s a crappy picture, but it’s a Recollections extra fine point marker in Rose Pastel. It’s perfect for stencils and marking items in my planner.

WP_20150922_014Pentel Clic Eraser. I LOVE the Pentel erasers! I have several of these in different colors. They are great every day erasers and the latex doesn’t leave a lot of debris and it does a great job of getting all the markings off the paper.

WP_20150922_015Mirado Black Warrior pencil by Paper Mate. Yeah, yeah, when Paper Mate puts their name on something it makes it cheap, but I really think this is a halfway decent pencil. I’m not using it for anything other than jotting things down on cheap paper, so it serves its purpose.

WP_20150922_016Gelly Roll Metallic pen in black glitter. Gelly Roll is a reputable brand that has been around for AGES. It’s a fun pen and it’s great for marking things in my planner. Plus, GLITTER!

WP_20150922_018And then there’s bits of odds and ends. A paper clip, a pink glitter eraser topper, and some reinforcements, cut into strips to fit in my pencil case.

Enjoy and happy scribbing! ❤

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