DIY Kawaii Stickers and Planner Insert



I made these super cute “kawaii-ish” stickers using white dot stickers and a stencil. Along with some Stabilo fineliners, these came out super cute!


My favorite go-to pens for just about anything. From planning to crafting, these guys get the job done!


Using these stencils I made the cute designs on the stickers. I used a Sharpie pen for the outline and then filled in the colors with the Stabilo fineliners.


“It’s Personal Daily Journal” is a thing that I’m using for our Reformers Unanimous ministry. I ALWAYS forget to take this with me and sometimes I forget to use it. Hence the giant “take me with you” sticker on the front.



These are the pages in the daily journal. I really enjoy this journal for holding me accountable to staying in the word and buffing up my prayer life. BUT, I keep forgetting to write in it because I am SUPER DUPER busy. So, I came up with a solution!


So, I made these condensed daily journal pages that fit perfectly in my planner! I rarely forget my planner, so by having these in the back I can still stay in my daily journal even if I forget.



Complete with a daily Proverbs reading bar. ❤


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