Feelin’ that pencil love!


Today I received the world’s best pencil. Ten of them to be exact. It’s a pack of Ticonderoga pencils in basic colors like red, purple, orange, blue, and green. I am fortunate to have friends and family that support my adoration of pens, pencils, and paper.

WP_20150925_003“The World’s BEST PENCIL”. We’ll see about that!

WP_20150925_002Here they are front and center. I like when pencils come pre-sharpened.

WP_20150925_004I logged it in my pencil collection inventory. I enjoy the feel of it. Hexagonal pencils are my preference. The lead didn’t catch, but I’m writing on super smooth paper: Fabriano. Fabriano is (one of) my favorite paper brands. It’s affordable, easily found (Hobby Lobby, people!), and it’s a decent grade of paper.

WP_20150925_005Here they are in all their pointy goodness!

WP_20150925_007Using my Pentel Clic Eraser, I wanted to see how easily this pencil was removed from paper and the traces left behind. To my satisfaction, this pencil is easily removed with little residue!

WP_20150925_008Time to introduce them to the rest of the bunch! Now I just have to decide which color to use!

WP_20150925_009Here they are being integrated into the rest of pencil society.

Happy scribbing! ❤


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