Awesome Vintage Pencil Find!


While at my MIL’s house on Sunday I was given this bag full of zip lock baggies. Suspicious, I know, but wait!


WP_20150929_015They are full of school supplies from my husband and my brother-in-laws days in elementary, middle, and high school.

WP_20150929_016I decided to go through the “pencil baggie” first. Some really neat stuff was in there!

WP_20150929_018Like this Rexel Cumberland Derwent Graphic 4B Pencil.

WP_20150929_020And several PRANG drawing pencils in different HBs.

WP_20150929_019An old Sanford American.

WP_20150929_017And an old SPARCO, which is my favorite.

WP_20150929_021While I’m not a fan of the mechanical pencil, these Sanford mechs are pretty interesting.



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