DIY Planner/Organizer/Planner Companion

In my case, a planner companion.

WP_20150929_001My tools: ruler, Stabilo fine liners, a Schneider Xpress fine point marker (black), Zebra mech pencil, Maped large eraser, a golden ruler, and a stencil. I used a LARGE Fabriano journal I picked up at Jerry’s back in Austin, Texas on my Labor Day trip.




WP_20150929_010Using my ruler, I made segments and labeled them with categories that would be most useful to me that don’t/wouldn’t fit in my normal planner. Things such as: NOTES/REFERENCE, MEMORIES (weather, thoughts, things my kids do, etc.), QUIET/ME TIME (doodles, thoughts, etc.), and a large section for a Morning Journal. I plan to use this area for bible study and meditations after reading Proverbs or other books.

WP_20150929_007To-Do/Tasks/Errands, water intake, appointments and reminders, and CHORES. Because I always forget to get things done. Ugh.


WP_20150929_006It’s a big, open space!

It was while on this website that I first got the idea to have a companion planner. They have several other articles (AND PRODUCTS!) that are very helpful in planning and organizing your day and thoughts.

Happy Scribbing! ❤


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