Tacklebox Tuesday: What’s in the Box?


Today’s box is a metal Cinderella pencil case. I bought this at Target last month on clearance. I bought it for myself, and yes, I really liked the movie

WP_20150929_028I use this box as a general case. I usually stash things in it that I use on a daily or at least have in rotation.

WP_20150929_030Fountain pens round one: Tradio felt tip, Vintage Pelikan 120, a vintage Sheaffer signature pen (I can’t for the life of me remember what it is called exactly), and a Platinum Preppy in pink.

WP_20150929_029Fountain pens round two: Pelikan TWIST!, Kaweco Sport, Pelikan Junior, and a Pilot Varsity in green.

WP_20150929_032Random pens: vintage Pentel fine point, Sharpie pen, Stabilo pointVisco 0.5, Tombow Airepress, and a Papermate 1.3mm pencil.

WP_20150929_033Markers: generic white out pen, Sharpie smear guard (see through window on the tip!) yellow highlighter, dollar store gel highlighter in yellow, and a PRISMACOLOR marker in neon pink.

WP_20150929_034More markers: a Zebra Zazzle liquid pigment ink blue highlighter and a Crayola metallic marker set. The rubber band thingy is a book band.


Happy Scribbing! ❤


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