Vintage Sheaffer TARGA


This is a mid-week update for my “Pen Pick of the Week”: a vintage Sheaffer TARGA. It’s never been inked, until now. Muah hahahahaha…. okay… ahem.

This pen is classic Sheaffer style. From the nib to the white dot on the clip, this pen says “SHEAFFER!”. The body is really heavy and you can feel the slight indentations of the gold and black stripes. I enjoy the heaviness and I write really well with this pen. My handwriting looks GOOOOOD. The nib is 14k and it’s an ink sack squeeze convertor type. I’m using Noodler’s Cactus Fruit for the time being. I’m buying Kaweco’s Caramel Brown next month! I can’t wait. I need a fall ink.



WP_20150930_004I’ve been using this pen non stop. It’s really nice on Fabriano paper. Here is some Fab with the grid pattern. No feathering. No ghosting. No bleeding. It’s been really nice using this pen with my planner companion.

WP_20150930_005I’m using it with our October homeschool events calendar.

WP_20150930_006Notes for a women’s bible study.

WP_20150930_007And even in the “It’s Personal Daily Journal” for the Reformer’s Unanimous program.

WP_20150930_008Happy scribbing! ❤


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