Pen Acquisition

Well, I thought this month would pass without brown ink. And the Pelikan Amethyst is wayyy out of my price range (for the moment… I’m thinking maybe for Christmas…?). BUT, my dad, who is creatively crafty, sent me an email the other day that said this:

“You could buy the amethyst ink and the magenta demonstrator from nemosine and have the same as the pelican you want”

And it got me thinking. Could I spare $18 bucks? And the answer is: YES! We’ll just eat ramen one week out of the month. I’m KIDDING! But, seriously, I just put some other “me” items on the back burner.

So, I ordered Demonstrator-Magenta-Tilted_large



from this aweseme fountain pen site. Free shipping over $15 and it’s mailed USPS First Class, so, in about three days I’ll have my loot. I’m still a n00b, so I’m not sure if I found a hidden gem or if the pen community has been shopping here for years. Either way, I got a purple pen and some brown ink. I’m happy.


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