This is it Thursday: Fantastic! Clearance Items


This week I’m showing you some items I picked up at Target earlier today that were on clearance (for whatever reason). I’m pretty excited about it because two of these items I have been eyeballing for the longest time!

WP_20151001_008Crayola “my color is” green pack. I blogged about the orange pack here. I wanted to snag the pink pack, but of course that was the only color not on clearance. Brown would have been cool, too, now that I think about it. This is the pack that turned me on to Crayola Slick Stix. I showed them here and the awesome things you can do with the Stix, like blending and so on. Regular price is $4.99, but got them on clearance for $2.48.

WP_20151001_006Write Dudes USA Gold Premium American Cedar Pencils. I LOVE Write Dudes stuff. It’s well made and more importantly: durable. Their products can easily be thrown into a purse or bag without worry that it will spill, break, or malfunction. Easily one of my favorite every day brands! It’s also made in the USA. That’s always a plus! I scored these for under two bucks.

WP_20151001_007The Write Dudes’ “W”.

WP_20151001_001And my favorite find: a DEcomposition book. Man, I have been wanting one of these for the longest, but just haven’t picked one up. I don’t know what the paper quality is, but to he honest, I don’t care. I have wanted one of these notebooks for the art.

WP_20151001_002Inside cover art.

WP_20151001_003Back cover art.

Pretty cool, huh? It’s interactive and looks hand drawn and old. I like both of those features in a notebook. This item was not on clearance and I have no idea what I paid for it. 4-6 bucks I’m assuming because I only had a ten dollar “me” budget this month. Hubs and I are paying off some major debt this month (plus our middle child is turning 5!) and next month I’m going to get the Kaweco Caramel Brown ink for sure. I had hoped to get it this month, but you know, life and grown up things come first. Which, to be honest, is good timing. November is a perfect month for brown ink!

Happy scribbing! ❤

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