Planner Companion Update


I made a “planner companion” and explained how to make it here. Well, after using it a few days, I made some minor adjustments that are actually perfect!

IMG_1120Instead of using each page for one day, I decided to make it for a five day week. One page each day was too much space. I figured it’s perfect for five days and I’m not keeping everything in this companion like I do my main planner. This is my on the go book. It just needs the basics. Not too much, but it needs to have enough.

IMG_1121Then I added an “at a glance’ calendar bar for the five days. I left myself enough room for important bullet points.

IMG_1123I added another calendar bar specifically for Reformers Unanimous stuff. Since that is what takes up a lot of my time. It NEEDED its own calendar.

IMG_1122I also added a fitness tracker on top of my water intake. I just started the Reformers Unanimous “Weight on the Lord” weight loss program and need that to keep track of my activity.

IMG_1124The morning journal is a place where I can jot down devotions.

IMG_1119This is it. My planner companion! It’s been easier keeping a planner companion AND a planner, but my main planner gets OUT OF CONTROL. And I don’t need that mess when I’m on the go. I went into this thinking two planners to keep up with would be over kill, but it’s actually simplified a lot of things in my life.

Enjoy! ❤


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